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Promote Your Business, Charity, Brand, Or Event With Custom Artwork!  
Click on the picture to see a high resolution image of the design!
Please contact us by clicking the "Get a Quote" button below and we will prepare a free estimate for you.
Email your image or logo to us for a quote or let our graphic design team create a custom look for you. 
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Preferred file formats are PDF, AI, EPS, or TIFF with a minimum height of 1" and a resolution of 300ppi where possible. If a JPG file has to be submitted make sure the image itself is as large as possible (no smaller than 500x500 pixels).

Click on the picture to see a high resolution image of the design!
The minimum order quanitity for new custom design images is 500 pieces for Domestic U.S. orders and 1,000 pieces for International orders.  We offer bulk order discounts for orders of 5,000 pieces or more and highly recommend ordering in the largest quantities possible to take advantage of our quantitiy based savings (as the price per piece decreases significantly the greater the quantity).  We can make exceptions to these minimum requirements under special circumstances on a case by case basis.      

Be sure to inquire about a quote for your specific logo as the price per piece will vary considerably depending upon quantity, material, turn-around time, logo complexity & number of colors, as well as the time and labor for our designers to either create or edit the image provided.  

If you are a retailer, wholesaler, bookstore, Tournament, or pro shop and interested in selling one of our pre-existing designs please email us at for quantities, pricing, and ordering/shipping instructions.

There is also a one-time $50 set-up fee for all first time orders (we may offer additional promotions and discounts if you are ordering for a High School or College Team, Charity, or other special circumstances) depending on quantity and other criteria.  

​We reserve the right to deny any requests for images, verbiage, or designs that are innapropriate, illegal, or not something with which we wish to associate our Trademarks or business.
Pricing will vary by Image & Quantity but here are some estimates: 

1,000 Grips = $2.99 per Grip 
2,500 Grips = $2.69 per Grip
5,000 Grips = $2.49 per Grip
10,000 Grips = $1.99 per Grip
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