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Hockey Tape
Our stick-adhering tape is extremely durable and performs as good as it looks.
Badminton Overgrips
STEP 1: Create a water resistant Grip material that offers a superior combination of feel and durability.  

STEP 2: Engineer a technology that allows us to customize our Grips with images that hold up against the harshest elements: water, sweat, clay, temperature change, and repetitive use.

STEP 3: Offer the highest quality image and design work possible.

If you have any questions or would like to get a quote on a specific image, please contact us by writing to: 
Our tennis overgrips are super tacky, soft, sweat-absorptive, and extremely durable.  Unlike most grips with designs, our patented process and material allow for no loss of feel and playability.   
Our Badminton Overgrips give you the perfect combination of comfort, feel, and performance.
Our baseball and sofball grips enhance the feel of the bat and ease the effects of early season "hand full of bees" like nothing else.  Try taking batting practice at the start of your season with our grips and we guarantee you will feel the difference.
Field Hockey is an often demanding and sometime grueling sport.  Our Tape gives you customized comfort and feel with a durable yet soft grip that can be easily applied to and removed from any stick.
Our Squash Overgrips are very similar to our Tennis grips in providing excellent feel, tackiness, and sweat-absorption, but they are a thinner material, allowing for more direct contact with and control over the racquet.  Try it out and experience the difference first-hand.
Tennis Overgrips
Baseball & Softball Grips
Field Hockey Wraps
Golf Grips
Golf is a game of finesse as well as style.  Our Golf Grips give you an unparalleled feel of the club while allowing you to hit the links in style with Grips featuring your alma mater's, company's, or favorite golf club's logo.
Squash Overgrips
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