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We have created a unique Overgrip that is truly unrivaled.  We work with Professional, Amateur, and Collegiate Athletes, Franchises, Tournaments/events, Charities, and a variety of corporate Partners, and Retailers.  Our Custom Tennis Grips, Field Hockey Grips, Squash Grips and other Products play like no other.  Please contact us at with any questions.   

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We are a member of the Fair Labor Association and strive to endorse and promote sound business practices.  You can find out more about the FLA by visiting their website: 
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We also work with the Licensing Resource Group ( allowing us access to thousands of schools and Universities.  Let us know if your team or Athletic Department is interested in working with us.
Our custom Grip material provides the perfect combination of feel and durability. We spent years mastering a special technology that locks our images into the material so they do not run, wear, or degrade when introduced to sweat, water, or competitive/repetitive use. And no one can match the quality, clarity, and craftsmanship of our images and designs.  
We also work with a variety of corporate partners and if your company partners with or supports a charity, non-profit, or similar organization or program, let us provide you with a fun and innovative promotional item.
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